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    I would be interested in hearing from other offices how they are coping with the practice restrictions. In our office, we have the front door locked with a sign to phone in to one of the staff members who is here if the matter is an emergency but generally speaking we are only seeing clients personally with appointments. We have a number of real estate closings that still have to be personal visit with clients but the appointments are spaced out over the day and we wipe down everything after each appointment. Most of the staff are working remotely. Out of a staff of approximately 20 persons, we have four in the office at any one time. What are others doing?”


    Our doors are locked as well with a note saying to call in and we will only meet with people on an urgent basis although I am working on precedents to do remote witnessing based on the directive from the court as well as the law society and LTSA notices. The 2 lawyers in my office are working entirely from home and I only go in on weekends if needed. My receptionist has a compromised immune system so is off work completely and I set both of my assistants up to work remotely if needed, they alternate who stays at home. I am focusing on coverage for the phones and deliveries as that is all that is really important for us as we have most of our files/documents in electronic format. We have figured out how to forward the reception line if the time comes that it is necessary as well.


    We are open down town with about 3 to 4 lawyers attending each day and about 5 or 6 support staff.
    there continue to be family hearings and real-estate closings.


    Hey James – what about your Langford office? When I came to work at our office here, it seems like a ghost town. There is plenty of traffic on the roadways during the day and we have two active construction sites near by, but the businesses around here are mostly shuttered.


    We are also operating with staff and lawyers working from home and coming in when necessary to sign up clients. We have a posted note on the door asking clients to contact us by phone or email for an appointment. For work that needs clients to sign in person, I have been reviewing documents over the phone with both of us looking at the same PDF (preferably all documents in one big PDF so you can refer to page numbers instead of document names), then when they come in to sign its literally just a 2 minute meeting with the signing pages tabbed. If someone is immuno compromised they stay in their car and I meet them in the parking garage and pass them the documents to sign.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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