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    For those of you who are in the high risk group, or are arranging food delivery for high risk family and friends, you have seen how challenging arranging delivery has become. My tip for securing an easy slot for delivery is to visit the Thrifty’s website immediately after midnight Monday night (12:01 a.m. Tuesday morning). They roll over their specials and flyers at that moment, and significantly, open up the new week of delivery times. Once you arrange a delivery, you can shop for 30(?) minutes to take advantage of the new specials. You could also load up a “cart” at a reasonable time Monday, set an alarm for 12:01, and check out in 2 minutes then get back to bed.

    I also had luck with Walmart grocery pickup, which was painless – they just roll a cart out to your car (instructions where to park are in an email) with the bags in bins; they you load up and go. Times seemed to open up on the site haphazardly, but I had good luck checking back in late afternoons.

    Please add your own successes with strategies and tips; groceries here, or start a new “thread” for a different topic.

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